The Eye Issue 4

Integral Eye Movement Therapy. Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)’s The Eye Issue-4 has been released and can be download by clicking  here: The Eye Issue-4. The Issue developed in PDF format. The main features of the Issue are as follows: IEMT on Social Media by Sonia Article on IEMT Training […]

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Interview Questions on IEMT and MoM

Interview with Andrew T. Austin, creator of IEMT and director of the Association. 1. You were trained in Hypnotherapy and NLP, how did you develop Metaphors of Movement and IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy), which are more experiential approaches to therapy? In the mid-1990s I became aware of EMDR and […]

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Is IEMT safe to use on condition X?

The most common question I get about IEMT is, “Is it ok (or safe) to use IEMT on X” where X is an exotic, unusual or condition that is uncommon to the therapy room. So I thought it timely to write a piece regarding this question to help clarify the issues. […]

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IEMT at the NLP Conference, London 2017

IEMT Trainer, Joanna Harper will be presenting at the NLP Conference in London this year.  More details will be announced at a later date, but to book your place for the conference and see a galaxy of speakers, please see:

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When to Use IEMT

When to use IEMT versus when to use Metaphors of Movement. As the developer of the two models, I often get asked, “When do you use IEMT and when do you use MoM?” It’s a good question and has a fairly simple answer. As many people will be aware, Metaphors […]

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On the name of “IEMT”

I never intended for all this, nor did I plan for it. What started out as a small experimental workshop grew into something so much bigger. I must confess to still being a little surprised by it all, even now after all these years. It was back in 2004-6 that […]

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