Complaints Process for The Association for IEMT Practitioners

How to complain

We are committed to providing excellence in the delivery of training and therapeutic change work. Whilst all members of The Association for IEMT Practitioners operate independently from any formal governing body, The Association is committed to ensuring its members adhere to the highest standards of conduct.

We value complaints and use information learned from them to help us improve the quality of standards of training and in the delivery of therapeutic change work. If something goes wrong or if you are dissatisfied with the services of any member of The Association for IEMT Practitioners are providing, then please let us know. This page outlines our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint.

Definition of complaint

We regard a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction about the delivery of IEMT services (both training and therapy) and/or conduct of any member of the Association.

What you can complain about

You can complain about things such as:

  • the quality and standards of the services you received
  • failure to provide services agreed to
  • unfair treatment
  • abuse of trust
  • harassment or inappropriate conduct and behaviour
  • breaches in confidentiality agreements and ethics
  • inappropriate public conduct of an association member (i.e. on social media networks)
  • suspicious or criminal activity of a member
  • concerns about false advertising, marketing claims and qualifications

Feedback and Quality Control

Not all concerns may be complaint worthy, but you may feel that your concerns would make "reasonable feedback" where no action is expected other than as an Association we improve our quality of delivery and the overall conduct of our members. Do please let us know your feedback, it is vital to our monitoring of the organisation.

Who can complain

Anyone who receives, requests or is directly affected by the delivery of IEMT services by any member of the association can make a complaint to us. In reasonable circumstances we will consider anonymous complaints or complaints made on your behalf in order to retain confidentiality, however, this will inevitably limit the action we are able to take.

How to Make a Complaint

You can complain in person, by telephone, in writing or by email. It is better to complain sooner rather than later in order that remedial action can be brought about quickly where required.

When complaining please tell us as many details as possible. For example, we need to know when the incident happened, who was involved and what exactly happened. If you have also complained to other agencies such as the police or civil legal services, please let us know.

If you wish to inform us of a problem, but do not wish to be involved in any actual process, please let us know accordingly. We understand that you may just want to let us know about something but do not necessarily wish to pursue it further than that.

To make a complaint, in the first instance please contact the complaints officer, Carl Jackson, email: or telephone: 0773 482 0769

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