IEMT Testimonials

"After ONE SESSION of IEMT, a client of ours went back to a therapist she's been seeing for 15 yrs and told her about the experience she had with IEMT and the amazing difference it made. The therapist said "Oh, really... and what new medication are you on?" We're expecting a call..." James Cervelloni, Mindopoly Center for Change, New York

"Andy Austin is an intelligent and entertaining trainer. He demonstrates high standards regarding working with clients and more importantly, he trains you to become aware of yourself as the clinician/coach in all types of situations. His material is very useful for individuals who want to increase their therapeutic skills. He cleverly leads students to find the answers within and then offers new ideas to challenge their learning even more. I have enjoyed my experiences learning from Andy and I recommend him as a trainer." Rachel Hott, Ph.D. Co-director The NLP Center of New York

"I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wishes to be more effective in their change work and it has to be the best value training I have ever attended." Chris O'Donnell

"I'd been through a lot before, during and after my discharge from the Grenadier Guards. And if it wasn't for Carl, I still wouldn't know that my problems started in my childhood. I was literally at the bottom of my life when it was suggested that i try what at the time seemed a strange therapy- following a finger with your eyes. The first session was very emotional on many levels, making me cry and getting it all out in the open. But I felt carl was taking out all the negativity and fixing me like a puzzle. Its helped with my anger, anxiety, stress, nightmares, flashbacks and emotions. Now its even changed my lifestyle-because I'm now working steadily after losing umpteen jobs through my troubles. So I think if it can work for me, it can work for so many other people." O.W., Lincoln

"Hugely congruent and massively practical. Andy's training is clear, concise and very memorable with stories of his own provocative and effective therapy he will have you laughing and crying. IEMT is a rapid and wonderfully content free intervention. Anyone with a serious commitment to really increasing their clinical skills must attend one of Andy's trainings." Nigel Hetherington, NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainer

"I had my session with Carl which I got very emotional about, you don't have to tell him anything because this is done on your feelings and emotions, but I did tell him because I wanted him to know why I was such a emotional puddle on the floor, when Carl had finished I had to reflect and remember, I really had to think about it, it was like a distant memory, the only way I could describe it was almost as if it had happened to someone else, but there was no emotion at all, I felt quite drained after because I had brought all of my feelings and emotions to the for, by reliving the memory, over the next few days I kept trying to remember how it felt, but again I still felt detached.

I'm now a few months down the line and I have to say I thought my feelings would return, but I'm so pleased to say that they haven't and I can now talk about it, like I would if I was having an everyday conversation, and more recently I've had to have contact with my daughters father, which has always resulted in me getting very angry and emotional after the phone calls, but now there's nothing. I can still remember everything that he did to me, it's just a distant memory.

I'm so grateful to Carl, because I no longer have the weight of it all around my neck, plus I really do feel that I'm now ready to let someone into my life and finally I can put the past where it belongs, Integral Eye Movement Therapy is without a shadow of a doubt the way forward. Thanks Carl" Z, Lincoln

"It is rare that a genuine advance occurs with direct clinical applications. Integral Eye Movement Therapy is fascinating and extremely effective. Andy teaches really well, imparting insights from many years of working with clients with PTSD, psychoses, and a range of anxieties and compulsions. Both the IEMT techniques and the strategies he uses to provide a safe space for his clients are invaluable. I heartily reccomend his teachings for anyone who desires to be truly effective when working in these areas. Brilliant!" Dr Susan Elton MB BS MRCGP

"I'd like to thank Carl for his help and support with the therapy during a very bad time in my life. He was aware that I had been abused as a child and for many years did not speak out, but with his help and support I got through the trial in court, which led to my abuser getting a 6 year prison sentence. Thanks again Carl" Kerrie Smith, Lincoln

"Integral Eye Movement Therapy has been a highly effective tool, that can be simply applied to many of the diverse issues brought by clients, with powerful results. I highy recommend Andy Austin, both as a therapist and trainer, whose expertise is uncontained by the boundaries of the conventional. As a result I would advise you to expect the unexpected, with the exception that you can always expect to be impressed." Kim Leader, Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

"Since the IEMT practitioner course I have been using IEMT with 90% of my clients with incredibly positive results. The Advanced IEMT course has given me the opportunity to refine the IEMT technique and to wider the variety of issues I will be using it for.The 2 days were highly informative with a good pace and always extremely interesting. I feel this course has extended my abilities significantly as a Therapeutic Practitioner." Louise Staden, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

"I have suffered for years with anxiety and while I could manage this in my day to day life, travelling anywhere became a major issue to the point where I dreaded holidays or anytime away from home. Flying was a particular nightmare! I was unable to sleep in the weeks leading up to the flight, an absolute mess the night before and catatonic In the airport. I needed diazepam just to get on to the plane and then became hysterical on take off!

Carl came to see me in the comfort of my own home. He put me at ease straight away and after a chat we began the treatment. In a very short while my anxiety levels had decreased. Just thinking about flying made my palms sweaty and my stomach turn, however after less than an hour with Carl these physical symptoms had disappeared.

I saw Carl in March of this year (2012), and in April I flew for 7 hours to Boston, USA. I actually enjoyed my flight! The difference this treatment has made to my life is incredible. I am much more relaxed about everything and instead of dreading holidays I am busy planning a family trip to Australia. This treatment is quick, painless and extremely effective and I would recommend Carl to anyone!" J.E., Lincoln

"Thank you so much for helping me through a difficult time of grief and a very long time of personal regrets that kept coming back to haunt me. Your IEMT treatment seemed so simple, yet so effective that I still cannot believe how effective it was. Not only am I dealing with my grief but I appear to have put all my crazy, jumbled thoughts into perspective or they have simply gone away. I was not a great believer in counselling and reluctant to approach you initially, as you are aware, but I'm so very pleased I did. Never again will I allow myself to get into the situation I was in prior to your treatment and will most certainly recommend you. Thank you so much." D, (client of Trix wheeler) Surrey

"I loved the I.E.M.T training in New York. This process is what every Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner or counselor needs to do change work with their clients. It has been less than a week and I'm using the process with my clients. I just got a call from one thanking me for how amazing she feels. "Unstuck and smiling all day" are her words. I.E.M.T makes change work almost instant - in a matter of minutes. It is measurable and you can see results right then. Most importantly, your client knows it is working. Andy's lectures are entertaining and real. He gives real people examples that help guide you on the application of this method. You not only learn I.E.M.T, but also how to apply simple timelines to address problems and forward pace them to positive outcomes. Even if you are not NLP trained, you learn to catch the meanings in the language your client speaks, and how to use that in your change work. I came to get a tool that will work with most clients and I left with it and much more. Cool Stuff! Don't miss this training. If you can't travel, be sure and get it on DVD when available. Priceless!" Teresa Perciful, RN, BCH, New York

"When I had a chat with Sonia Richards about IEMT before signing up for the training, she said 'I have done a lot of training over the years, learning lots of different techniques, but IEMT is just mind-blowing, it is now the main technique I use with my clients'. I trusted her judgement and did the training in February 2014. And wow, mind-blowing it is! Andy Austin is pure genius, and Sonia delivers his programme with ease and enthusiasm. The support I received while doing my case studies was second to none. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to help people get rid of their problems quickly and effectively - especially the ones that have been plaguing them for years." Sylvia.

"The 2 day Integral Eye Movement course was inspiring, enlightening and excellent value for money. I have gone on to use the techniques, which we were coherently taught, with several clients and have had impressive positive results." Louise Staden, Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner.

"Integral Eye Movement Therapy workshop for practitioners shows that change can be done in 40 seconds... This is one of the fastest methods for live improvement with excellent impact. I am adding IEMT to my tools for working with people now." Piotrek Podgórski, Poland.

"Until my sessions of IEMT with Odette Wheeler I suffered from anger issues, resentment and the inability to express myself. I have tried other therapies with no lasting effect. With Odette Wheeler I felt a reduction in all the negative feelings and this has allowed me to approach the root cause and deal with the issues. I would recommend IEMT (integral eye movement therapy) to anyone." F from Hampshire, UK 2010

"If someone told you that they could wave a pencil in front of your eyes to help cure you of a life-long affliction that you had, had for thirty-eight years, you'd be sceptical. If you weren't there'd be something wrong with you! But if someone explained to you, in simple terms, the logic of what they were doing, you might think differently. Odette Wheeler did just that. I started our session in a state of anxiety. I left calm, confident and optimistic; happy. Everything Odette Wheeler had explained to me, I felt. This was not some mumbo-jumbo 'auto-suggestion.' What she said would happen, happened. I could feel it as clear as day. I stepped out of a dark place. It was just one step." Surrey, UK 2010

"I also attended Carls recent course, I am more than happy to write this testimonial about Carl's ability to instruct what is a very interesting, highly informative training course. Carl has a very laid back approach to teaching IEMT which makes for a very enjoyable course, it is taught in a way that you want to learn more when it is finished. Having been a PTSD sufferer in my past, Carl made the explanation of what I suffered so simple and how to recover from it very easy to understand. I qualified as an IEMT practitioner thanks to his instructional techniques and now can help others who are suffering what I have. I commend this course to anyone who wants to make a difference using this exciting form of therapy. Thanks Carl." Dave Cash

"My sports performance coach, Odette, has worked with me using the IEMT technique with great success. I was having serious confidence issues with my show, jumping related to previous bad experiences. We used the IEMT together, & it is incredible how quick & effective this technique is. You can literally feel the bad stuff just disappear. Those issues which were affecting my performance in a big way are simply no longer there..." S from Hampshire

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