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The Association for IEMT Practitioners

PrintThe aim of the association is to promote the interests of certified IEMT practitioners worldwide and to maintain and promote a standard for training and quality standards for practice.

Certified and approved members will be able to display the membership logos that are shown on this page.

The Association for IEMT Practitioners will maintain a searchable database of approved member practitioners in good standing, outline a complaints procedure for both members and for the public and will give recommendations to ensure good practice.

Additional Aims of The Association:

- to ensure a collaborative approach for the business interests of IEMT Practitioners and trainers. The association will seek to avoid the mistakes and problems that have arisen in comparable fields.

- to promote research and development of the treatment protocols that are at the core of IEMT practice.

- to ensure the highest possible standards of practice and training.

- to raise awareness of IEMT as a viable treatment alternative in environments where it would be most suited, such as the prison system, the armed services and environments where the highest discretion with regards to mental health problems and emotional concerns is paramount.

- to create a collaborative liaison with other fields and organisations for mutual benefit and development.

- to establish an advisory panel of orthodox and qualified health care professionals.

All members are also required to complete an annual CPD declaration.

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Who's Who in The Association for IEMT Practitioners

International Director: Andrew T. Austin

International Chair: Sonia Richards

Complaints Officer: Carl Jackson


Regional Co-director: Jane Turner


Regional Co-director: Alfred Himmelweiss


Regional Co-director: Karin Luis


Regional Co-directors: Aysha Naushad, Charles Saldanha


Regional Co-directors: Mickey Berkhal, Menachem Schloss


Regional Co-director: Artur Krol


Regional Co-director: Eva Hols


Regional Co-directors: Jim Cervelloni, Lucia Pinizotti

International Advisory Board

Konstantinos Kaan Bimplis, neurophysicist
Dr. A. Abraham, medical physician
Dr. S. Bachalli, surgeon
Alan Johnson, RMN/RGN
Teresa Percival, registered nurse, hypnotist
Tammy Groves, solicitor in mental health law
Lesley Hunter, business advisor