IEMT Structure

Practitioner Level

Part 1. Emotional Engineering – Depotentiating Imprints of Emotion with IEMT

  • Introduction to the IEMT Structure
  • Eye Movement and 3d Accessing Cues
  • Introductory Exercise and Calibration of Representational Change
  • The IEMT Basic Pattern and Imprint Tracking
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Time Coding
  • The IEMT Complex Pattern

Part 2. Identity Reimprinting – Updating Our Way of Being with IEMT

  • Introduction to Structure of Identity
  • Four Pronoun References – I, Me, Self, You
  • The IEMT Identity Pattern (Simple form)
  • The IEMT Identity Pattern (Complex Form)
  • Physiological State Accessing Cues
  • Changing Unconscious State Accessing
  • Changing The Negative Kino-Somatic Imprint

The IEMT Practitioner is CPD Certified and an insurable category with most therapy practitioner insurance companies.

Advanced Practitioner Level

  • Systems theory and session design - the rationale and purpose of the IEMT structure
  • Working with problematic emotional archetypes
  • Schemas and recurring patterns in the chronic client
  • The use of metaphor and story telling in state fractionation
  • The utilisation of "The Three Pillars" model in metaphor, story and state fractionation
  • Advanced utilisation of the "What if..." model of chronicity
  • The influence of Derks "Social Panoramas" model on IEMT identity exercises
  • The role of personification of disease processes in the patterns of chronicity
  • Advanced treatment algorithms

Trainer Training (by invitation only)

  • Part 1. IEMT Training Structure
  • Part 2. Client getting, business and marketing

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