Marketing Tools for IEMT Practitioners

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business. I have added here some marketing tools for IEMT Practitioners that I use and found to be a good investment and effective for marketing and advertising.


Upwork is an online service for finding low-cost contractors for various jobs including IT, web-design, SEO etc.  For online promotion services, I currently use Prince Shahzad Ahmed.


Fiverr is a low-cost service for everything from design graphics, logos to website services, video and promotion. Be sure to assess the feedback regarding what services are on offer before you buy.


FPTraffic is an online tool for automating content to your Facebook 'Pages' (but not Facebook 'Groups'). It can gather material from a wide range of sources and with one click you can select what you put into the automated schedule. I would advise creating a temporary Facebook 'Page' to test and gain familiarity before going live with it.

Similar to FPTraffic, DLVR gathers selected material from a different range of sources and will automatically schedule and share with Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. If you are unfamiliar with this type of service, I suggest sending the material to a dummy test profile first form a few days before committing.

YouZign is simply one of the best tools money can buy for creating info-graphics and advert design.


Buffer is a simple free plugin for your browser that allows you to click on a post and schedule it to add to your social media account either immediately or later. This is ideal for when browsing the web you spot something you want to share - this allows you to do that with one click.


If you are in the UK, using Pressbox will get you a lot of interest from the media. Personally, I stopped using this owing to the volume of television researchers contacting me for help and advice regarding a particular show. Be aware, the TV game looks like this: they will tell you everything you want to hear, promise you fame and riches, invite you in for a screen test and filming etc, but you are unlikely to ever hear from them again once you have been in the studio. They are using you for free to make their pilot program in order to pitch to the investors. So for TV work, demand upfront payment.  That said, if you want to get a slot on a 24-hour news channel (usually with about an hours notice), live radio or local newspaper, use

Here are the press release format guidelines: or alternatively use one of the press release writing and submission services on Fiverr.