March 7, 2020

Training Success in Delhi, India

In early March 2020 IEMT trainer, Jas Bhatia, delivered a one day program to the volunteers and staff of Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan, the major homelessness charity at Katra Maula Baksh in Delhi.

IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) sessions and training designed to make an effective change in the lives of caregivers who can swiftly work on themselves to de-charge their negative memories, reduce negative emotions, post-traumatic stress and work on disempowered ideas around identity

"The session on IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) was good and benefitted to me (personally). We are no more players in the term of this therapy and Ms. Jas made us understood how we can decrease our negative emotions. This kind of session must be conducted because we are working with those marginalized groups who are deemed and unhappy with their life. We support and help them but there is no one who could transform our mood and made it light. As the negative memories are inside us and this first session on IEMT could be the starting. Let see, how much it could be beneficial for us more and so we can also apply this to other homeless people and others.

I practice this daily but could not find it more effective to me. The memories are strong and so this simple technique should come up with more other activities with high power.    

For the first time, I cannot tell more about it but need to get more sessions so that this can effectively come to us." 

Navneet Singh- Assistance Program Officer

"It seems well when the trainer taught us about eye movement therapy. I did it to me and I felt relaxed with the previous memories. I suggest if we apply this activity to ourselves first so that we can guide more people and help them too to reduce their negative thinking like a victim. While doing the therapy, I noticed that I am more focused and concentrated. The trainer was presentable and participated with all the participants in a friendly manner.  I perform it in my alternative days."

Dinesh - Caregiver

"When it comes to the IEMT training - the first session for us, I filled it like anybody is hypnotizing me and wanting me to tell all the happenings going inside. The training was fruitful and the trainer, Ms. Jas Bhatia was too amazing who guided me in reducing the negative thinking. She explained everything minutely and patiently. As the topic was new for every participant but still she taught people about the eye movement calmly through which they may reduce some of their negative emotions at the same time on their own. The activity of eye movement coached and gave me the confidence to reduce my negative emotions as well as a start-up to divert my mind from the negative memories. The session and the activity performed by Jas to me was beneficial.

I perform the same activity with myself daily but it is not working on me with doing it myself. I think I need some time or can say someone who can guide me well so that it will be helpful for me to reduce my negative emotions. It was a great learning experience. I want this therapy more so that the condition or the happenings going inside me could be reduced and I may feel more confident, without any guilt with my past happenings."

Monika Kumari- Documentation Officer

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