October 2, 2019

Success in Romania

IEMT and The Association for IEMT Practitioners have reached Romania. With nearly 60 attendees organised by Eugen Popa, Angela Nutu and The Romanian Hypnosis Association, we had a good mix of coaches, doctors, psychologists and lay-person in attendance.

We look forward to receiving our new members into the Association upon completion of their assessments in due course.

Just some of the comments made by the trainees:

Thank you so much Andrew for being in Bucharest sharing your knowledge and experience with us! Thank you so much, Eugen and Angela, for making possible this amazing IEMT Course!

There have been four days in which I enriched my vision of how efficient therapy is done through simple and fast methods but with a complex foundation. Andrew Austin has "poured" in our minds many techniques and a ton of information and had us exercise that cured our traumas, made our subconscious order and changed our perspective. I had the chance to learn directly from Andrew Austin, who created and developed the IEMT therapeutic technique - eye-movement therapy. I am rarely given to see someone with such a profound analysis and observation of sophisticated mechanisms and to be able to put them in such a simple form.

It was extraordinary this course taught and translated by Andy and Eugen. [...] there was a ton of information with detailed explanations for the best possible assimilation of participants. Well done to the organizers for bringing the creator of IEMT. Thanks from foreign soil.

An extraordinary course from all points of view! Andrew, the techniques learned, participants and not least I want to thank you, Eugen, for bringing this valuable course to Romania.

The Romanian Hypnosis Association can be contacted here for information about further courses and events.

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