February 12, 2019


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2 Comments on “Pronouns

Sonia Richards
February 12, 2019 at 2:57 pm

Actually regarding “self”, this is quite often out of the body e.g. out in the car, at my desk in work, out there about a foot away, I will ask in what direction and it may be “behind me”, “over to the left” and so on. Sometimes the answer is “I don’t know where myself is”. Have found external locations are less common with “I” and “me” but it still happens. When e.g. “self” is outside of the body I use idioms as a way of getting a greater clarification for the client e.g. so do you find that you’re not in touch with yourself, are you still looking for yourself, do you tend to ignore yourself, do you often put yourself last, do you ever feel yourself left out and so on. MOM is a great tool if the idiom connects. I may or may not choose to pursue a metaphor here depends on the person and the situation. If a huge emotional response occurs then I will work with he emotion usually IEMT Kin, but not always, and then revisit the identity work and ask the questions to see what may have changed.

John Martin Moore
March 28, 2020 at 8:50 am

There’s a body of research to support this pronoun which would be useful for citations.


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