November 26, 2019

In Just Six Weeks…

A Feel Good Blog Post by Mandie Bridge, Life Coach and IEMT Practitioner

In just six weeks....

I have seen and released 24 clients from trauma using IEMT. The results have been astonishing and I am beyond delighted with the effects it's had on them and their loved ones.

I qualified as a Life Coach in 2004 and for the last two years have been working as such, with both local and remote clientele. In March this year I myself was diagnosed with PTSD and a client recommended Matt Kendall and IEMT. I had just three sessions and my life changed.

By May I knew that I wanted to qualify as a practitioner and bring this therapy to my existing and future clients. I just knew that this horrible diagnosis had happened for a reason.

By September I was ready to turn the page on the new chapter to come and attended Matt's workshop in London where I met several other pracitioners of all genres. The training was excellent and Matt was extremely thorough in delivery of both theory and practise. But there's nothing quite like getting your hands dirty on the coal face so I could wait to get back and get started.

Because I already had a client base I systematically worked through my existing client list, freeing those that had been “stuck” in the coaching process for some time and by doing so reduced the tremedous effort they were making daily in changing their thoughts and feelings.

My case studies brought astonishing results so I went on to free my husband and various members of my family and friends. I know the warning not to, but I couldn't keep this gift to myself. I haven't regretted this but I am now more aware of the boundaries – for example, I would refer family and friends for follow up talking therapy elsewhere for my own sake and theirs.

I am now in a position where I'm fully booked until next year. I have had a local domestic abuse agency approach me and put me on their supplier list. I am gravitating more and more to working with men and teenagers as this content free therapy is perfect for them. Anxiety, which was always such an enigma has now become relatively straightforward to deal with and release.

What I love most is the soaring feeling of optimism and hope that I bring to others lives as well as my own. IEMT is definitely a gateway to the future – both my own and my clients. Thank you Andy Austin for this gift.

Here's some of my client feedback...

Hi Mandie,
I have just spent the evening with my man. After many years of one traumatic event after another and negative emotions building inside him, What you did today is truly amazing. The things that made him sad, angry, frustrated have gone! Just gone!

I have sat and watched a changed face. Yesterday broken, sad and in a bad place and today he seems lifted. I can see a little sparkle coming back. While he sat laughing explaining what you did and how it felt, I have cried in relief as I cannot believe what you have done! He described it like all the badness just lifting out of him. I am truly amazed that after one session, on someone with problems so deep, you can have made such a difference. I for one can't wait to see what you do next week!
I think you have started to fixed someone who was a little bit broken. It has been so painful and sad to watch him over the last few months. You are just amazing I cannot thank you enough for fixing my man!

Sending you lots of love and masses of thanks Xxxxx

I am not good at introspection and self analysis, it makes me uncomfortable.
Without having to discuss any events we discussed emotions while Mandie did her magic stuff. Whole groups of issues are now resolved and memories that I have been living with and reacting to are now packed away in the past, where they belong.

I now sleep properly and calmly; this is a huge change for me.
My relationship with my parents is completely different and in general I see a clearer picture of people I interact with.
I have decided to stop drinking for a while.
I eat at a slower, more normal speed.

The person making the decisions in my life is no longer the petulant and damaged seven year old me that has been too present in my life.
I don’t understand how Mandie did all this and I wonder how different my life would have been if this had happened forty years ago.
Mandie is offering you something that could change you life for the better.
Jus sayin...”

I cannot recommend Mandie highly enough!
After suffering anxiety since childhood and over the years trying so many different self help methods it took just 2 sessions of IEMT with Mandie and it's gone! It's like the fog has lifted in my head and I can see clearly my life of calmness and happy times ahead. I am 66 years old now so this shows it's never too late to get help and reboot your life. I am so glad I put my trust in Mandie, thank you so much Marvellous Mandie ??”

“Hi Mandie
I’m good thanks slept well and even got up earlier by choice ? I didn’t have a CBA feeling like before.
Quite honestly I feel like I’ve had a factory reset ...the cookies (keeping track on me) and the browser history (going over the same things in my head ) have gone!
Thanks again!

So this is my review...

I’ve been putting off doing my review for Mandie as I still can’t believe I’m actually better - so much better, after having anxiety for just over 30 years..
For a period of time I was even agoraphobic, and over the years various holistic treatments have helped me control my anxiety, to a certain extent.
I’ve always had the underlying anxiety, that constant churning which I felt was becoming the norm, but I knew it wasn’t right.

Mandie’s Warrior group helped me on further and I started to get stronger & I then went for one-to-one counselling and life coaching with Mandie... and then the IEMT treatment... WOW - just WOW.. after one treatment I felt so much stronger but still didn’t quite believe it .. then the second treatment - WOW again even more stronger than before...

But as I said, I was putting off actually doing a review - I was still waiting for the anxiety to come back the churning to return and today I’ve realised it hasn’t.... yes I’ve got things coming up which I would usually feel very anxious for, but I know even thinking about them now, there is no anxiety!!! Mandie is a bloody miracle worker!! This is life changing for me..

Mandie, you’re amazing & this treatment is amazing!! More people NEED to know about it! A massive thank you xx

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