March 20, 2020

Good Outcome for Pain Client

Good news story submitted by IEMT Practitioner, Glennda Papworth.

Mandy attended the Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) session as "I want to try new things to help me feel better about myself and work on my pain". She had suffered from physical and emotional pain for many years including childhood trauma. She wanted me to know her anxiety caused her to panic and she also had depression.

She attended and was feeling hopeful that she could work on herself as she was always doing stuff for other people and was happy to try new things and work on her pain in the session. She spoke of an incident a few weeks prior that had made her panic, feelings on a scale of 1-10 were 10/10. Using the basic pattern Mandy remembered another memory about herself when she was much younger but still having those feelings of panic. Using the basic pattern again this time the feelings reduced from 10/10 to 3/10.

She then spoke of her physical pain it limits her to what she is capable of and feels anxious and depresses her when she plans days out. I asked when was the first time she felt the physical pain. In her 30's and had started affecting her walking. She said the first time she could remember feeling that feeling was being told to sit in the corner on her knees when she was quite young and felt she was to blame for the pain she was in as that had caused the damage.

I explained the three pillars of depression. Working through guilt, shame and regret were all reduced. I then introduced the identity elements of IEMT and updated those. We also explored her name as this was having a negative charge. It was in her head and still felt anger towards it, as it reminded her of "...being a young child at home ... if you can call it home.." she said. We used the complex pattern on the anger and this reduced.

Mandy came to the follow up she was more relaxed and told me she had bought up a key ring at the seaside and it was the first time she had picked something with her own name on it. She was really surprised.


"I first heard about eye movement from a friend. I had not heard of it before or knew what was involved but have and still suffer anxiety and panic also depression for many years. I've tried pills and other therapies but did not think they helped me only masked the problems so I stopped taking pills and shied away from other ideas as some times found it hard to open up. So I was open to trying this new thing to see if it helped me I did not know what to expect and was nervous but was put at ease straight away as Glennda explained everything to me and reassured all was good.

I also found it very helpful that I could talk as much or as little about my problems. I did not have to go into details which in itself can make me feel uneasy, the session was very good and helped with things and memories I had forgotten. I wasn't sure afterwards if it had worked. I felt relief but not sure why but as time went on I noticed little things had changed and was amazed what a difference it had made even in everyday things.

I feel better in myself and understand more and even though I think I have other issues to work on I now feel that I would go again as it really works where other treatments haven't. They may work for some but not for me. I would recommend anyone to try this treatment as it really does help. I am hoping to have another appointment soon to work on other parts of my thoughts and feel even more uplifted and free from negative thoughts, once I empower my self-esteem".

Good news story submitted by IEMT Practitioner, Glennda Papworth.

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