March 28, 2020

Good outcome for anger client

Good news story submitted by IEMT Practitioner, Glennda Papworth.

Valerie had no prior experience of Integral Eye Movement Therapy. She had seen a counsellor but felt nothing had changed. She felt very pre-menopausal and had not been sleeping as she had really bad anxiety and raging emotions. Valerie wanted to let things go from the past.

She appeared very overwhelmed ad anxious with everything that had happened recently. The death of three family members and the relationship breakdown. She was feeling a huge sense of loss which was affecting all her relationships. I explained to Valerie that I can work content free however she wanted to explain the reasons why she was feeling the way she was. This allowed her to talk about everything she had been experiencing. Valerie felt this session had helped her as by talking about it she seemed more relaxed and looking forward to the next session.

At the next session, I explained the three pillars of depression and we worked through guilt, shame and regret. Regret turned to anger then acceptance. She felt sad that she looked back at her life and felt "she was trying to please other people and not thinking of herself. Sad also that it had taken her to the age of fifty to realise it".

Using the infinity loop we updated her identity, the identity of significant people in her life and on sleep. At the end of the session, Valerie felt that what had come out of today's session was different from what she thought she would be working through.

At the follow up two weeks later, she said when she thinks of her memories she is a lot calmer. She felt in control which was a feeling she had not felt in a long time. She was able to able to think more clearly about her actions and responses. The identity elements had now changed to excited looking to the future, and aware of being in control.


"Over the years I have had a multitude of different therapies and counselling to help with many traumas through my life from, grief, death, emotional abuse, trauma, loss. Fire, divorce, adultery the list goes on !! All these past emotions were controlling me in the here and now. Making my day to day life a minefield of triggers I couldn’t control! From a silly song on the radio to people !! After another such episode where I spoilt my husbands birthday, I realised I had to get help !!

But something giving me control back! This is where Glenda stepped in with IEMT! Within 3 short sessions, I was noticeably aware of my change of mindset and how I was dealing with triggers !! I pray it continues because this simple but highly effective therapy has helped me immensely! Thank you Glenda and anyone who feels they could use some help .. truly try it. Go into it with an open mind and come out the other side looking forward not letting the past hold you! Amazing."

Good news story submitted by IEMT Practitioner, Glennda Papworth.

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