July 30, 2019

Client Success Story – Practitioner’s First IEMT Client.

I like to send you the story of my first IEMT client. This is her story.

At the end of April 2018, I started at [organisation] in a program to find a job after being sick for over a decade. My health had improved, my physique had improved however my mental state needed work. At [organisation] they offer certain exercises and IEMT is one of them. I had talked with my counsellor and she suggested we use that to help me place my feelings, my fears, my anger, my sadness and my acceptance of the new situation I was in.

After about five appointments we worked on a trigger that would bring me back into deep sadness about the loss of my daughter. This session changed my life. This was one day before the day of her death. So the next day, after 14 years, I was finally able to function. It was a relief and since that day I choose to think back at what happened to her instead of thinking back due to a factor I can’t control. Those factors are a song or the smells and sounds of a hospital visit.

So if you ask me, I’ll recommend this. It worked for me and I have seen it work for others as well.

Forwarded by Ellen de Groot, IEMT Practitioner.
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