February 28, 2020

Anger and Anxiety – another good result!

Good news story submitted by IEMT Practitioner, Glennda Papworth.

Zola had attended the Integral Eye Movement Therapy session as she wanted help with her anxiety. She wanted to enjoy life more and not to worry about things too much. She felt that by making the changes she would be able to spend any time or day with her family.

I began the session with the three pillars of depression and used the complex pattern on each one. Guilt, regret, shame and remorse. I introduced the identity elements, they changed to playing with her child, family time, having fun and fun all the time. I listened to the identity patterns of significant people including husband, mother, and mother in law. After the lazy eight patterns, they were much more positive representations.

At the follow-up session, Zola arrived telling me about the holiday she had been on last week. She said her husband had noticed changes in her too. She spoke about an incident on holiday where she would of normally panicked when the waves in the sea had taken her breath away when it pulled her under the water but she just got out of the water and told her husband and she was okay. She said she felt lighter and on holiday she was able to go out and meet new people. On a previous holiday, she would stay back and her husband and daughter would make friends and then they would have to come to introduce themselves to her. Zola really enjoyed this holiday and felt relaxed.

I asked what other changes has she noticed. She said she felt like she was able to relax and enjoy living in the moment. She was looking forward to being a godparent. She said she had been depressed for 7 years and cried lots of tears. Since the last session two weeks prior she had not shed a tear.


"I was facing a lot of anger issues and anxiety issues that were making my life on a day to day basis to deal with. I was struggling to even leave the house and enjoy my family life with my husband and daughter. After having a few sessions with Glennda I felt lifted and a lot of weight was taken off my shoulders. I sometimes struggle with going to new places but once I’m there I really enjoy it. My life has changed and I now enjoy the times with my family and friends. I would highly recommend Glennda as she helped me pinpoint why I felt like I did and that it wasn’t just me and what made me so angry. Thank u Glennda you’ve been a real help not just for me but also my husband and daughter".

Good news story submitted by IEMT Practitioner, Glennda Papworth.

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