August 30, 2019

Training with Krish Srikanth, Chennai, India.

From IEMT Trainer, Krish Srikanth, Chennai, India.

After the conclusion of the recently conducted IEMT workshop in Pune and the encouragement received plus requests from others who wanted in their cities, I am announcing Integral Eye Movement Therapy workshops in Mumbai, Chennai & Bangalore.

For those of you who missed Andy’s IEMT workshop, here is an opportunity to learn IEMT in a workshop with Krish in a small group setting with repeaters.

Timings: 9.30am to 5.30pm on all days - Saturday & Sunday

  • Mumbai (Sep 14/15)
  • Chennai (Oct 12/13)
  • Bangalore (Oct 19/20)

The course fee is Rs.9,999/- for newcomers.

Those who wish to repeat the course can do so either by bringing one new person or pay Rs.4,999/- half price.

You will learn how to:

  • Reduce the charge on emotional events using IEMT
  • Identify and reduce the charge on imprint events
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Identity markers in language and dealing with Identity shifts using IEMT
  • Physiological State accessing /disrupting and reimprinting techniques
  • Dealing with the 5 patterns of Chronicity

On Day 1 we will do a full-fledged demo with a person for PTSD and on Day 2 we will do a full-fledged demo using all the 7 techniques that you learn in the entire workshop. Most repeaters have found this to be valuable and reinforcing their learnings.

The Pune workshop was filled up and we are already half full in Mumbai and expect all the workshops to be filled up because of the small seater capacity. If you wish to register, please do so on the link below. If you have any questions, call me directly.

Feedback from Participants:

"It was a wonderful 2 days session.. got a lot of clarity on its applications now and demonstration of how to apply all the techniques in a single session on clients was a cherry on the cake. Thank you, Krish, it was good to see you back in teacher chair." Shilpa Bhosle

"Just setting down a few thoughts on the two-day IEMT training with Krish in Pune." Dinesh Braganza

"One of the things that had stayed with me after Andy's IEMT training in Chennai was an appreciation of Andy's brilliance as a therapist. However, I had come away from the training feeling that there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied up in order for me to get a good hold on how to use IEMT appropriately. That's why I jumped at Krish's offer to attend his training. From past experience with how Krish had been able to bring order into the complexity of MOM, I was sure that I would experience something similar with IEMT - and I was not disappointed. The first day's sessions helped me reconsolidate what I had learnt with Andy. Working through the basic and complex IEMT patterns helped me gain a new familiarity with using them. However, it was the 2nd day's sessions - working on the identity imprints, that made a huge gain for me. Not only did I get a clearer understanding of how to frame a session and work through different levels of issues, but also made a significant breakthrough myself.

I was exhausted at the end of the training, but feel significantly enriched both personally and as an IEMT trainee.

One huge re-learning was Krish's presentation of dealing with trauma and the importance of identifying the linch-pin that held everything together. Coincidentally, that very evening I had a case where, through identifying the lynch-pin, I was able to help someone make a very important breakthrough

Special thanks to Krish for making this opportunity available, and for presenting the IEMT matter in a simple, clear manner, with a logical progression of how the different parts of IEMT fit together."

"Hi Krish I was sceptical to attend, but after your two days it's very clear how to apply in therapy sessions. Especially two days with you helped in stitching the different topics which till date I was wondering why they are part of IEMT ... especially topics such as identity.Uday Bhosle

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