February 28, 2018

Research for an App

Email request from Paul Moreno:
We're conducting research about how DOJO will impact the lives of mental health sufferers and their support channels.

Part of our research is conducting interviews about the various aspects of the mental health industry.This is for DOJO, the mobile app that's designed to enrich the lives of mental health sufferers and prevent suicides.

The way it works is simple.  I'll ask you a question and you can offer as much, or as little, information as you'd like. Depending on your answer, I'll select additional follow-up questions.

The interview is designed this way to allow you as much latitude needed to provide insightful responses as well as empowering you to lead the interview in the direction you'd like.  Please be advised that no personal information will be advertised or solicited in any way.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone in the mental health industry (care/service provider and/or patient/sufferer) that you think may be interested in participating.

Please send your replies to:

Here's the first question:

What sucks about providing services to mental health sufferers? (Please feel free to speak about any aspect(s) of industries pain-points as you and your team have experienced them)
What sucks about being a mental health sufferer? (or about being a person that struggles with mental health issue(s)?

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