Psoriasis Study

Psoriasis and IEMT

Zolia Rumble is an IEMT coach and NLP master practitioner in South Africa and has been developing ways of working with chronic psoriasis. We are currently gathering data and testing the evidence of the efficacy of using IEMT in addressing the issues presented by psoriasis. Whilst it is too early to give any formal position, what follows are some brief sample client examples.

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Case Study 1.
Practitioner: Zolia Rumble

Client: 32 year old male. Has had Psoriasis for 10 years and he was as hospitalised in 2007 with 80% coverage on body. He has taken medication (methotrexate) periodically with usage limited by hepatic side effects. He takes methotrexate only when the psoriasis demosntrates signs of significant acute exacerbation with the scaling becoming thicker and the coverage extending across body. Skin becomes really red and angry and infected.

11th March, 2011.
1st session (90 minutes) - A lot of scaling on the leg (picture #1) and underlying inflamed skin tissue. Session centred primarily on taking history and gathering background information.


14th March, 2011
2nd Session (10 minutes) - Scaling markedly reduced (picture #2) and redness substantially reduced. IEMT algorythms repeated. Client is now no longer taking sleeping tablets which he has taken for 2 years prior. Medication normally taken for headaches also stopped.


17th March, 2011
3rd Session (10 minutes) - Repeat IEMT algorythm as per 2nd session. Client wearing shorts to session. Skin quite dry and resembling a faint birthmark with minimal scaling visible (see picture #3).


All results are preliminary and, being a function of time, long term evaluation is yet to be carried out.

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