OldPain2Go with Alan Johnson, IEMT Trainer

An offer from trainer of IEMT, Alan Johnson: OldPain2Go is a fascinating new methodology that I am using very effectively alongside IEMT. I believe it operates in the same area as IEMT, rapidly changing and deleting old, stuck and outdated pain messages - arthritis/back pain/old injury etc.

Curiously, it is also being used effectively for conditions such as ME/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue, Tinnitus, Allergy, Gout, even some emotional programmes.

As a full member of the Association of IEMT Practitioners, I can offer you a 15% discount on any course that I am hosting excluding the £60 registration fee.

This can be an ‘open’ course, Individual Skype training, or a small group training delivered at your venue by arrangement. I am also open to being hosted anywhere in the world.

'"Wow just Wow. I really can't get my head around what just happened! I cant begin to thank you and your team enough!!! I'm now in a better place than I have been for months!! Thanks again!"

"Today was off the scale!!! Well done Alan. Some absolutely amazing results. At least one guy's walking stick is definitely up for sale on eBay tonight. It was hilarious the way he folded it up on his way out!!!"


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