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IEMT Copyright and Legal Information

Integral Eye Movement Therapy ™ Training Licence Agreement

Andrew T. Austin, individually owns the rights, title and interest in the intellectual property known as, "Integral Eye Movement Therapy" (IEMT) and "I.E.M. Therapy." The licensee has received training in IEMT either directly from Andrew T. Austin or from other person's certified and licensed as trainers of IEMT.

Only certification in IEM Therapy™ bearing the signature of Andrew T. Austin (hereafter, "the licensor") entitles the certificate holder to advertise and profess that they are trained in IEMT.

Note: The licensee understands and agrees that training and certification in Integral Eye Movement Therapy™ does not imply training or certification in "Eye Movement Integration™" or "Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing™.

Practitioner certification does not imply or permit the certificate holder to teach, or profit from the teaching of IEMT without written permission from the licenser. The licensee agrees not to certify others, or teach IEMT to others without express written permission from the licensor.

During the term of licence (2 years from the date of certification) the licensee shall be entitled to represent his or herself as a practitioner of Integral Eye Movement Therapy.

Practitioners holding a valid certificate in IEMT may use the logos in their literature and advertising. When used on internet web-pages, the logo for IEMT must include an hyperlink to the website,

Without prejudice to the licensor's rights, the licensee's rights under the licence agreement may be terminated by the licensor. After such termination, the licensee shall not represent themselves as practitioners of IEMT or use the logos, or associate themselves in anyway as practitioners of IEMT. The licensee's obligations to the licensor shall survive any such termination.

Nothing contained within this agreement implies any form of partnership. Business or otherwise with the licensor nor authorises the licensee to represent, or communicate on behalf of, the licensor.

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