IEMT Webinars

New for 2016 - IEMT Webinars with Andrew T. Austin

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Please note: These free 90 minute webinars and their recordings are available only to members of The Association for IEMT Practitioners.

Webinar #1.  The 5 Patterns of Chronicity in Everyday Life and Clinical Practice.

The patterns of chronicity are everywhere in human behaviour and are often invisible to everyone including the person displaying them. This webinar is to help improve observation of these patterns and to increase the ability to interact with them in a way that assists in bringing out therapeutic change.

Webinar #2.  Visual Fields and Eye Movements in 3d.

Whilst the "eye accessing cues" are widely known, it is so rarely observed that the diagrams that outline them are always in 2d. Using a basic understanding of neuroscience with regards to the visual fields, we can expand our understanding of eye accessing cues and their therapeutic application.

Webinar #3.  "The Anger Pattern" and other learned/modelled emotions.

Not all states and emotions were imprinted by direct experience.  There are many emotional states that are learned over time from other people. Anger is one such emotion that is so often learned by observing other people's anger early in life. A slight twist on the "Basic Pattern" enables us to be able to deal with these emotions readily.

Webinar #4.  "The Basic Pattern" Revisited.

An in-depth look at "The Basic Pattern" and an exploration of some of the features that are easily overlooked.

Webinar #5.  The Attitude of The IEMT Practitioner and Zero Sum Game Theory.

The efficacy of IEMT can be improved by the delivery of the techniques and by the attitude of the practitioner. But what happens when this goes to far and "your feelings do not dictate my behaviour" turns bad?

Webinar #6.  Self Application of IEMT.

How to use IEMT for your own personal development and self exploration.