July 21, 2019

IEMT Practitioner Training Success in Chennai, India

It was my very great pleasure to teach the first IEMT Practitioner for several years in India.  The group consisted of doctors, psychologists, counsellors, prison workers and youth workers and others and this proved to be a high calibre event with excellent contributions from the participants and I look forward to seeing how their work is applied and develops over time.

More details of IEMT Training in India will be announced in due course on the events page.

Andrew T. Austin
Director, Association for IEMT Practitioners.

One Comment on “IEMT Practitioner Training Success in Chennai, India

July 21, 2019 at 5:45 pm

It was a wonderful experience for me
I applied in three cases and I got wonderful results
1) My wife was suffering from shoulder pain and she got relief through IEMT
2) one of friend was afraid of blood . The moment he see blood he will get fainted and fall down even if it is in movie
After the process he watched such movies for a long time and he couldn’t believe the result
There was no such feelings at w
3)One of students was afraid of maths
and she also got relieved of the fear
Thank you Andy for such a powerful tool


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