IEMT Course Review #1

"Greetings from Greece! Thanks for the MindSpa machine which arrived a couple of days ago - that was quick! Regarding the recent IEMT practitioner training in Chichester, I'd like to say that I found the course to be excellent. After the first day, I was already aware of the positive impact the IEMT pattern had on me and the others in the group. Actually, as I remember it, everyone in the group could see changes and feel a difference from the very first exercise, where you had us practice the Basic Pattern. By the end of the day - and after learning the IEMT Complex Pattern (which by the way was not complex to learn, the way it was explained and presented) - I realised how precise, fast and effective this method is. Then, on the second day, I found the Identity Reimprinting IEMT pattern and the Kino-Somatic Imprint exercises incredibly fascinating and fun! I really enjoyed the course and learned much more that I expected: the stuff about PTSD, the Three Pillars, the Patterns of Chronicity, the client stories; knowledge that anyone involved with change work should know. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and when it ended I wish there was another day! So you will see me in one of the advanced courses soon.

During the course I worked on a couple of issues, one of which was my fear of flying. Although not a phobia, I used to get very anxious a couple of days before a trip and the night before the flight I would have trouble sleeping. I would somewhat relax during the flight, if there was no turbulence, but I was always tense. Over the years, I've tried a few hypnosis tapes and the NLP fast phobia cure on my own with some effect, but I was always aware that my fear of flying involved many aspects, such as issues of being out of control. For example, during a flight I sometimes engaged in behaviour that would seem like OCD rituals, feeling that if I didn't do some strange thing (like pulling my socks up a number of times!) the flight would crash - yet I do not have OCD when on the ground! My job requires me to fly across Europe a number of times per year, and I would try and avoid going on some of the trips by finding excuses, so that one of my colleagues would go instead.

Flying to the UK to come to the workshop was not something I was looking forward to doing, although my desire to attend the course thankfully prevailed. During the IEMT workshop, I worked on this fear until I felt that I could not get it back, yet I was not convinced this would last. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the night before my return trip (which was 3 days after the course) I slept without any trouble. I then had no anxiety whatsoever going to the airport, or during check in.

The take off was exciting, and the flight was without fear – actually I felt bored and realised how anxiety had kept me "occupied" previously! The only time I slightly got an anxious feeling was when the pilot announced that there were strong winds at our destination. However, this turned out to just be a "fear of the fear" response, as during the slightly bumpy landing I felt calm and relaxed. I am truly amazed, as this fear has been with me from my first flight as a child. As it happens, a number of business trips are now planned during the next few months and I do not feel anxious about them at all – I am actually feeling excited and looking forward to them! So, thumbs up for IEMT!"

With kind regards, Harry


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