Conditions For Membership

The Association for IEMT Practitioners - Conditions for Membership

Is Membership Optional?

From the 1st June 2015 membership is no longer optional and only approved members of The Association for IEMT Practitioners will be permitted to refer to themselves as "a practitioner of IEMT". Association membership is open to all certified practitioners in possession of a certificate from an approved trainer.


Who Can Join?

Membership is open to any practitioner who holds a valid certificate that has been issued by an approved trainer. If you have been issued a certificate in IEMT by an unapproved trainer please let us know immediately so we may bring the appropriate action.

All members are permitted to use the two logos of the association on their websites and in advertising material. We have country specific logos, so if you need those, please contact the co-director for your region.

Membership is open to all certified practitioners in all countries without prejudice to race, colour, religion, gender or sexuality.

Is There a Code of Conduct?

From 1st June 2015, Association membership include a Code of Conduct which all members must sign and agree to.

As such all members are expected to make a positive contribution to the association through their professional and public personal conduct. The association reserves the right to refuse or remove membership at its own discretion. In practice this is only likely to happen as a last resort.

The association actively solicits feedback from clients and trainees in order to monitor for quality controls. Should a complaint be raised against a practitioner we will seek to resolve the matter amicably in the first instance. One of the aims of the association is to improve all standards for all practitioners and trainers as well as the functioning of the association itself.

However, membership may be immediately suspended when serious allegations arise such as sexual misconduct or other activity is reported, criminal or otherwise, that may bring the association into disrepute.

Disputes between members are requested to be kept private, or maintained within reasonable bounds on the IEMT website forum. Members are not expected to be in full agreement with each other or with the association, and polite debate is actively encouraged in order to progress the association and develop IEMT in the field of psychotherapy.

Where appropriate, disputing parties may request a matter to be referred to committee for adjudication. In instances of deadlock, the International Chair has the deciding vote.

Advertising and Membership

For the time being, all association members are kindly requested to refrain from using marketing statements that imply that The Association for IEMT Practitioners is an approval body, qualifying organisation, regulation body and/or governing body. Once we have achieved this status, we shall let you know.

Simple statements of membership and use of the logos are permissible.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

All members are also required to complete an annual CPD declaration.

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