Childhood Abuse and IEMT

Client's Report of IEMT

A recipient client of IEMT reported the following. The practitioner was Odette Wheeler, who is based in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.

Client: "Steph"
Prior to working with Odette had had encountered the same demoralising, debilitating condition based in a serious of incidents that happened in my childhood. Because of the severity in my thoughts I was uncomfortable at best and scared at worst, of being in the same room as a certain person. Odette walked me through the process of IEMT. ... Then she worked her magic!

As I was asked to think of this person and the things that I associated with them and the things that took place to make me so uncomfortable I engaged completely with the emotion. I was in a state of high anxiety and feeling very uncomfortable. I could see, feel and experience the past in that situation and it was as if I was back there. I was sweating, scratching my arms to stop the pain and I was crying. It was horrible but Odette helped me to understand that I needed to feel that intensity to be able to feel released.

Odette used IEMT. I followed her closely and she was incredibly calm, kind, focused and centred on me. The process did not take a long time but needed to be reiterated time and again to solidify its impact.
After the session with Odette and IEMT I was exhausted but not in a bad way. I was light headed, I was slightly disoriented, but I felt an amazing feeling of calm. I did not feel that anything had shifted but I felt different in myself. After breaking state I went back to the situation and felt less engaged with it. I felt removed. I felt I was witnessing something but I wasn’t enduring it.

My situation was based on abuse at a young age. The abuser is a family member and has never been confronted. He is at many family gatherings. I have never been able to feel even comfortable in his presence and have never been able to keep eye contact as my skin would crawl with memories. I would be fearful, nervous, jittery and uncomfortable in his presence.

One month after IEMT I had to attend a family gathering. The abuser was there. On the way to the gathering I didn’t think about him, I didn’t get nervous about seeing him, I felt disdain but not fear. While at the gathering I was able to engage in conversation as a superficial level. I was able to remain totally calm in his presence. I was able to keep eye contact for a short while. I was not fearful, I was not nervous; I was not jittery or uncomfortable. I felt able to tolerate him.

The most amazing part of the IEMT journey was that I didn’t have it at the forefront of my mind all the time. I wasn’t doing mantras to keep calm, I needed no lucky talisman and I wasn’t doing breathing exercises. The IEMT has slipped into my mind but wasn’t at the forefront which meant that I didn’t feel I was relying on it.

It had worked. It continues to work
Odette....thank you

(Reproduced with permission)


Odette Wheeler is an IEMT practitioner and coach based in Farnborough, Hampshire.

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